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Alright everyone, if you haven’t already gotten the word, THE time has arrived!  Since my last update, the 3 master discs have delivered for duplication, and the package designs and booklet insert are being printed.

aR1-1.jpgBecause of the thickness of the booklet (56 pages, with color photos and complete reprint of the libretto), the physical CD case cannot be your standard case, even though there are some slim-line cases available that do hold 3 discs. The book just won’t fit in a slim case. So because the double-wide “chubby” cases (as they’re called) are required, and because the booklet printing is also an extra job that isn’t part of a typical release, there is some additional preparation work in putting this special release together. But I am expecting to have all materials assembled and wrapped by week’s end for next Tuesday’s release.  The official release date (CDs are always released on a Tuesday) is 12/13/11.

SO IT’S HERE! Pre-orders are being excepted right now, but for the time being, exclusively only at (lots of clips to hear at Distribution (and thus exposure) will widen some probably around March, give or take. In the meantime though, no one will know about it unless they get word of mouth. SO!

I know the recorded cast members share some excitement with Johnathan and I about the release, but I’d like to encourage EVERYONE getting this message to spread the word!  We all know people who love musical theatre, and hunger for quality shows they don’t already know. THIS is one they don’t know! And won’t have even heard that it’s available. A perfect scenario for surprise Christmas presents for your friends, but also our best target demographic for getting the word out to those that would love to hear about it. Please let people know about it.

To cast members, remember: Pursuant to the compensation clause in your contract agreements, you are each entitled to, and Melpomene is obligated to make it’s best effort to provide, one copy of the finished product. If any of you cant wait until you get you own and purchase one right away, or if you’ve already purchased a copy, that’s fine, just know that you’ve got another one coming to you that you will be able to give to someone else, if you like.

A couple of additional items:

1)      One of the next things coming up in all of this is, of course, the Cast-Reunion/Release party.  This is where those cast who are still local (and all others, too…) will be invited to get together for food and fun, but more importantly, to get your copies and to finally hear the whole show! Non-cast members are probably not aware that even the cast have only heard the parts that they are in, and haven’t even heard THOSE sections with all the component pieces put together! So it’ll be a free night of high class drama! I haven’t decided yet, but I may also strategically invite others to this “event” as well. But I DO know that we will be waiting until AFTER the holiday madness to schlurp it’s way safely past us (don’t look that word up, I just invented it).

When this update originally was sent out, I forgot: There is no official venue for this event! Please send suggestions, or if you have contacts or access to a space! (30-50 people)!

2)      Also this week, I should be receiving some sizzle cards, little post-card sort of things announcing the arrival of the recording. They look very nice, and I’ll be planning on leaving small stacks on the counters of theatres around the metro area. Please send me suggestions for theatres where audiences appreciate “musicals” not just straight theatre, as well as theatres with whom you may have worked where people might recognize your name on the card (this applies to the 7 principal roles, plus Tad Wilson).

3)      Some of you may have already noticed this, but, TA-DA! There’s already a vocal selections book ready and available as well! ( It’s a really beautiful special edition, and a perfect item for those of you who are always looking for fresh and less used audition repertoire, or for those of you who love to collect such mementos. It’s REALLY cheap right now too, when you get the CD.

4)      Does ANYONE actually KNOW Tony Cimafranca!? I don’t think he’s a regular local actor, but that he showed up at our auditions on a whim. Anyway, we cast him, and although people’s email addresses and phone numbers have changed over time, I believe he is the only one with whom I’ve completely lost contact. None of his info seems to still lead to him. Anyone know how to find him?

Well, It’s certainly been a long haul to get here, but I knew we would! Now, I also know that the stage is waiting in the future! I’m not very familiar with how to go about getting the thing on stage, so anyone with personal experience and/or knowledge of the typical various processes, I’d appreciate your input! I do have a few ideas regarding venues that I think would be appropriate for various reasons, but how it all happens I’m looking forward to learning about.

Remember too that this show has a big ensemble, so any of you who are in choruses and choirs, etc., consider how your group may also be interested in the show, by perhaps teaming up with a local theatre company or such. Great way to show community and to double your audiences when organizations work together.

Words like “readings”, “workshops”, “backers auditions”, “submissions”, etc. I do have some familiarity with. And although I’m very open to a smaller first performance and even a concert version (could be fun!), I’m not sure that a mere reading or perhaps even a workshop is necessarily the best next thing. We’ve kind of covered that ground with the recording. And backers auditions, if I got this right, is for finding investors to fund a particular production, so that would be up to the director or producer to arrange, not me.

We’ll take things as they come, but, as always, PRESS ON! Let’s see how quickly we can get this thing up and running LIVE! Meanwhile I’ll be working on completing the engraving of the full orchestral score and the accompanying sheet music parts for the pit orchestra.

Boy! I think that’s everything. If I’ve left anything out, it’ll hit me as soon as I hit “send” (see underlined note above). Love to all for your ongoing support. Tell all you know! For now, it’s basically the only way anyone will know that there is now a great new DANGEROUS LIAISONS ready to “schlurp” with immense satisfaction!

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