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Dangerous Liaisons CD - Official Release Date!
OK, folks! Manufacture has been ordered, so....
Here's the OFFICIAL announcement!

Dangerous Liaisons - Complete Original Concept recording
Release Date: 12/13/2011

Pre-release orders may be placed now. Shipment will be made on or before the official release date, in time for the holidays.

And that's a nice thing too, because what do you get your fellow theatre pals, and musical fans, when they've already got everything out there? As you'll see at the website, "BRAND NEW - Your musical-loving friends don't have THIS show yet!" So surprise them with a dramatic wollop they never saw coming!

I'll note also that there is already a Piano/Vocal Selections songbook available as well, including 10 stand-alone numbers from the show, solos and duets for all voice types. It's a beautiful special edition that would also make a great addition to any collection. (A hint to all youz guyz constantly looking for unique audition material.)

As for the recorded cast members, I'll remind you that I am contractually obligated to provide you with a copy of the recording. You'll have the opportunity to collect yours at the cast reunion/listening party, when we'll finally get to hear the whole show all put together! This will be sometime in the early new year, I would presume, after the holidays clear outta here. We'll be working on that next. Anyone able to recommend/provide a suitable venue (probably 35-45 people)?

I know that some cast have moved away, and I'll be attempting to make alternate arrangements with them.

Well, here we are, can you BELIEVE it!?
Next task...  take it to the stage!
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