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Dangerous Liaisons
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Dangerous Liaisons (Libretto)

Paperback, 5.5"x 8.5", 208 pages


Melpomene is pleased to offer Johnathan Daniel Steppe's full libretto to Dangerous Liaisons in this special companion edition to the Complete Original Concept Recording. Steppe's libretto to the controvercial tale is a fascinating examination beyond the archetype, presenting complex, surprising characters that intentionally defy us to pass any casual judgment upon them. His thoughtful drama captures the deadpan humor, subtle innuendo and biting dialogue that make Dangerous Liaisons as entertaining as it is provocative.

Containing all text, lyrics and stage directions, freed from the space constraints (and incredibly small print) of the CD booklet, this volume makes the perfect Dangerous Liaisons companion.

Includes Foreword by the author, special editorials, Characters and Original Recorded Cast credits and photos, Synopsis and bonus Production Diary from the making of the recording.


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